Shimabara - Fukuoka Line (Express)

Operation information

Shimabara - Fukuoka (Shimabara Express)

Reservations All seats reserved (Reservation required)
Number of buses 3 round-trips per day
Time required 3 hours, 8 minutes, Shimabara-eki-mae - Fukuoka (Tenjin)
Operating interval 1 departure in AM, 2 departures in PM
Operating company Shimabara Railway, Nishi-Nippon Railroad

*All seats are reserved. Please make your reservation in advance.
*Tickets go on sales 1 month prior to the boarding date.
*If empty seats are available, you may be able to ride on the day-of without a reservation.
*The time required represents the fastest, or standard, time per section, and is subject to delays depending on factors including traffic. Be sure to allow plenty of time.
*For those near Unzen / Obama / Isahaya, see the transfer information listed below.

Information on bus stops

Shimatetsu Bus Terminal / Shimabara-eki-mae
Hakata Bus Terminal 3F Bus Stop 31
Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal 3F Bus Stop 4
*1F is the Fukuoka Mitsukoshi entrance (Lion Square), and 2F is Nishitetsu-Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station.

Onboard facilities

The bus is equipped with facilities to ensure you have a comfortable ride despite the long time.

*Availability may vary by bus.
*Smoking is prohibited on the bus.
*Outlets or USB power ports are available.
(Certain buses only)

Enjoy traveling with relaxing reclining!

Inquiries or Reservations by Phone


Shimabara Office


Reception time 6:45AM to 18:00PM

Round-trip Tickets / Coupon Tickets

Round-trip tickets and coupon tickets can be purchased 1 month in advance.

Round-trip ticket

Shimabara (Shimatetsu Bus Terminal / Shimabara-eki-mae) <=> Fukuoka (Tenjin / Hakata) ¥4,820
Isahaya-eki-mae <=> Fukuoka (Tenjin / Hakata) ¥4,190

Coupon tickets

Shimabara (Shimatetsu Bus Terminal / Shimabara-eki-mae) <=> Fukuoka (Tenjin / Hakata) ¥9,640 (4 tickets)
Isahaya-eki-mae <=> Fukuoka (Tenjin / Hakata) ¥8,360 (4 tickets)

Information for Transfers Between Unzen - Fukuoka

The transfer ticket is a great deal for persons traveling from Unzen, Obama, or Chijiwa to Fukuoka and persons traveling to Unzen, Obama, or Chijiwa from Fukuoka.
You may not be able to transfer to your intended departure due to delays or the like.
In that case, please use the next departure. Please be aware that refunds are not available if you use part of the transfer ticket.

Transfer ticket fares

Unzen - Isahaya ¥1,100
Obama - Isahaya ¥810
Chijiwa - Isahaya ¥630
Isahaya - Fukuoka ¥2,100

*Please purchase a one-way ticket for between Isahaya and Fukuoka. For between Unzen / Obama / Chijiwa and Isahaya, please pay in cash or buy a ticket.
*The discount for persons with mental disabilities cannot be applied for the express bus between Isahaya and Fukuoka.
*See here for details on the discount system for persons with disabilities.

Calculation method

Ex.) From Unzen to Fukuoka, the cost is ¥2,100 + ¥1,100 = ¥3,200.
Normally, it would be ¥2,570 + ¥1,350 = ¥3,920, so the transfer ticket is a great deal.

Unzen / Obama→ Isahaya Transfer Timetable

Isahaya → Obama / Unzen Transfer Timetable

Not available on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays