Timetables / Fares

Shimatetsu Ferries are ferries that travel a 30-minute route between Kuchinotsu Port in the southern tip of the Shimabara peninsula and Amakusa Oniike Port. The 2 vessels, "Ferry Kuchinotsu" and "Ferry Amakusa II," both depart from Kuchinotsu and Oniike at the same time. Please use it when visiting Shimabara and Amakusa.


  • If riding the ferry in a passenger car, truck, or motorcycle, you will board on a first-come basis.
  • We accept boarding reservations for charted buses. For details, inquire with our Ferry Division.
    *However, boarding reservations for chartered buses are for microbuses (6 m or larger) or larger.
  • Reservations are not accepted for mini-buses (jumbo taxis) and commuter buses.


Ferry Division


Reception time: Weekdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
*On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, please inquire at the Service Counter of the respective port.

About departure times and boarding reception

  • Departure times are the times the vessel leaves the dock. Be sure to allow plenty of time when boarding the ferry.
  • When preparing to depart, the gate at the ferry entrance is dropped for safety reasons, to prevent passengers and vehicles from falling.
  • We ask that customers boarding the ferry allow for time and finish boarding procedures 5 minutes before the departure time.
    Please be aware that you may not be able to board the ferry after that time.

Fare table

Passenger fares(Standard fare)

Adult Child
 Fares  ¥390 ¥200

Group discount fare (groups consisting of 15 or more members)(Standard fare)

General (10% off) ¥351
Junior high school, high school, or university students (30% off) ¥273
Elementary school students (10% off) ¥180

Vehicle shipping fares(Standard fare)

Vehicle length Fares
Less than 3 m ¥1,640
3 m or more, less than 4 m ¥2,230
4 m or more, less than 5 m ¥2,840
5 m or more, less than 6 m ¥3,250
6 m or more, less than 7 m ¥3,800
7 m or more, less than 8 m ¥4,660
8 m or more, less than 9 m ¥5,870
9 m or more, less than 10 m ¥6,460
10 m or more, less than 11 m ¥7,130
11 m or more, less than 12 m ¥8,480
For each 1 m more ¥660

Special belongings fares(Standard fare)

Special belongings Fares
Bicycle ¥300
Motorcycle, 125 cc or less ¥570
Motorcycle, less than 750 cc ¥830
Motorcycle, 750 cc or more ¥1,130

  • Fuel surcharge starting August 1, 2019  (Click here from 1 October to 31 December 2023)(Click here from 1 January to 31 March
  • Vehicle fares include the passenger fare for 1 person (the driver). However, bicycle and motorcycle fares do not include this.
  • The special belongings fare is applied for 3-wheeled motorcycles that are 125 cc or less.
  • The passenger car fare (fare depending on vehicle length) is applied for 3-wheeled motorcycles that are less than 750 cc or 750 cc or more.
  • The passenger car fare (fare depending on vehicle length) is applied for motorcycles with a sidecar attached.
  • The passenger car fare (fare depending on vehicle length) is applied to registered vehicles with a blue license plate (mini-cars), even if it is less than 50 cc.

About Fuel Surcharges

Rising fuel costs have increased our operating expenses, placing a significant administrative burden on our ferries. To alleviate this, starting from March 1, 2019, we charge our customers "fuel surcharges" separate from the standard fares, in accordance with the system put in place by the Japanese government. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
About Fuel Surcharges

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