Precautions for Use

  • Please be aware that personal cars and trucks board the ferry on a first-come basis. (We accept reservations only for group charted buses.)
  • When purchasing a ticket, we ask that you show your automobile inspection certificate at the Service Counter.
  • The vehicle may weigh up to a total of 20 tons. (We may refuse to load vehicles that seem to be overloaded onto the ferry for safety reasons.)
  • The limit on vehicle height is 3.80 m. (Please be aware that we may refuse to load vehicles that exceed the height limit onto the ferry for safety reasons.)
  • Regarding the required times, departures and arrivals are subject to delays due to the weather, sea conditions, tides, and the like. We ask for your understanding.
  • We ask that customers in vehicles refrain from using cell phones when boarding and disembarking, for your safety.
  • The deck, stairs, and the like may be slippery on rainy days. Please be careful.
  • Pets ride for free. (Pets can come onto the deck only when they are stored in cages. However, we may refuse pets on the deck if there are complaints or the like from other customers.)
  • While the ferry is in motion, you are prohibited from entering the vehicle deck. (However, if you absolutely must do so due to unavoidable circumstances, please speak to the crew.)

Customers using car navigation systems

If using a car navigation system, input the address and phone number below.

Kuchinotsu Port

  • Address 4358-6 Kuchinotsu-cho Hei, Minamishimabara-shi, Nagasaki
  • Telephone number 0957-61-0057

Oniike Port

  • Address 5087 Itsuwa-machi Oniike, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto
  • Telephone number 0969-32-1727