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【Bus】Notice of abolition of Shimatetsu Bus Terminal


Thank you for using the Shimatetsu Bus.

The Shimatetsu Bus Terminal will be abolished on February 28, 2021.
Information office and bus stop will change from March 1, 2021.

【Information office】
 Move to the Shimabara station.
 Shimabara Railway General Information Center will be newly established at Shimabara Station.

【Phone number】
 Change to 0957624705.
【Bus stop】
 Direction Ote/Shimabara station/Taira port.→In front of Shimabara Tax Office.
 Direction Shimabara port/Unzen/kadzusa.  →In front of Daidou Seimei.
 ※The name of the bus stop is Shimatetsu Bus Terminal.
 ※Shimabara-Fukuoka Line does not stop.
 ※We will inform you about the Shimabara-Fukuoka at a later date.