Personal Belongings

The following describes belongings that can be brought into the train.
Items exceeding the standards that cannot fit on the luggage rack or under a seat, items longer than 1 m, items that may block the aisle or doorway, and items that may cause harm to other customers cannot be brought onto the train.

Belongings Free from Charges

  • For items where the largest sum of three sides is within 250 cm, and the weight is within 30 kg, you can bring on 2 such items free of charge. However, you cannot bring items longer than 2 m onto the train.
  • Even if it fits within the limitations described above, bicycles and surfboards can be brought onto the train free of charge only in the following cases.
 *Bicycles must be disassembled and stored in a dedicated bag, and foldable bicycles must be folded up and stored in the dedicated bag.
 *Surf boards must be stored in the dedicated bag.
  • Seeing-eye dogs and assistance dogs for persons with physical disabilities. (Seeing-eye dogs must wear harnesses and you must have the seeing-eye usage certificate. Assistance dogs for persons with physical disabilities must have the prescribed display and the assistance dogs for persons with physical disabilities certificate.)

Belongings Subject to Charges

Standard belonging charge: ¥280 per item per ride

  • Puppies, cats, or similar small animals (excluding beasts of prey and snakes) that are stored in the dedicated container and are deemed not to pose a risk of harm or inconvenience to other travelers.
  • Weight inside the container is within 10 kg.