Can I bring a pet with me?

〇 For regular buses
You can bring a pet (*) on the bus if the pet is stored in a carry bag.

〇 For express bus (Shimabara - Fukuoka)
A pet (*) can be brought on the bus, but only in the underfloor luggage space. Also, please keep the following points in mind.
- This is limited to cases in which measures are taken so that the pet does not damage or soil the luggage of other customers, such as by putting the pet into a crate.
- Please be aware that, in the event that the luggage of another customer is damaged or soiled, the customer who brought in the pet shall be held responsible for paying the damages.
- The underfloor luggage area cannot be seen and does not have air conditioning equipment.
Please be aware we shall bear no responsibility should any abnormalities occur in your pet.

*"Pet" refers to all animals, excluding assistance dogs for persons with physical disabilities such as seeing-eye dogs and hearing-ear dogs, and dogs with equivalent capabilities.

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